Are quality, efficiency and savings your top priorities ?
Are you looking for a tool which accompanies you in coordinating improvement actions step-by-step ?
Then Goldscore is the solution for you!

Goldscore is a software package which aims to assist companies in a structured fashion in their need to improve their products, processes, and/or services constantly.
The company programme is used as the basis for drawing up an improvement plan which is geared towards all the company staff .

Goldscore’s unique concept consists of :

  • setting the correct measurements
  • collecting data
  • putting the results in a chart
  • analysing incidents
  • setting priorities
  • drawing up structured action plans
  • guaranteeing the actions taken.

With a minimum of effort and a maximum of output, Goldscore is the tool to help you quickly reach and maintain the desired results.

Some Extra Advantages

Goldscore distinguish itself by a strongly visual concept. The software displays the required objectives and indicates major problems so that priorities can be set quickly. The action plans are recorded in an orderly fashion.

Goldscore has a low entry threshold since the application adapts itself to the user. This means that measurements can be expanded with additional parameters according to need and capacity.

Goldscore import data (excel, acces, DB2, Oracle) so that there is no extra workload for the employees.

It is possible to preserve the company terminology, which may benefit the communication within the company.

Goldscore supports quality labels and designs (ISO norms, EFQM, and Balanced Scorecard). As the package enables the integration the quality designs of the company without any problem at all, the staff members will feel more closely involved in the improvement plan. Their motivation increases because their contribution to achieving the company objectives is displayed.

The software works with various time units (dates, weeks, months, quarters, and years) and converts almost all forms without any problems at all into the required time format.

The various Wizards underline the user-friendliness of Goldscore.

It is a budget-friendly application, with which you can start quickly without need of external IT consultants.

Goldscore is a user-friendly software package which will give a high output for a small workload. The small investment which you make to acquire this application will very soon be recovered !

Target group

This software has been designed for all kinds of companies from any sectors which:

  • want to stand out from their competitors;
  • want to consolidate or expand their position on the existing market;
  • are committed to improving the quality of their products, processes, and/or services.